The TreeMenuApplet Project Home Page

A tree menu for use in a navigation pane on a web page. Aimed at use in web applications.

What is it?

A tree menu that takes it's structure from an xml configuration file, the files URL being defined by one of the applets parameters. The applet allows navigation by keyboard (up and down to move nodes, left and right to collapse/expand nodes) or by mouse.

Each node in the tree has actions associated with it, each one sending a particular target window to a given url,and optionally adding or removing nodes. The actions are accessible by right click, or alternately by selecting the node and clicking on the corresponding button.

The nodes of the tree are represented by icons that are images at URLs defined by the configuration file. The applet can also reload it's data either periodically, or on demand.

Current Progress

Probably at version 0.1Beta... :) So far I've got the basic structure of the tree, and a component to implement the selectable label. No applet code and no XML loading code.